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Modern Asian Steakhouse in Slave Lake, AB

Appetizing Asian Grill

TA's Asian Grill & Steakhouse offers fine dining in an inviting atmosphere. We are proud to offer an extended menu of Asian Lunch Buffet style high-end meals at outstanding prices. All of our Asian comfort food is handmade here on the premises, but we are happy to cater events or holiday parties in the area, and will even close down for the evening if needed. Come experience our Asian steakhouse in Slave Lake, AB for yourself!

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Asian Lunch Buffet Slave Lake, AB

About Us

TA's Asian Grill & Steakhouse brings more than 25 years of cooking experience to our customers in Slave Lake, Alberta. We bring unique Asian fusion to traditional Western Canadian food, delivering an upscale dining experience without the inflated prices. We know people in our area love their hamburgers, steaks, and liver with onions, so we compiled a menu that includes this traditional food with mouth-watering Asian dishes.

Inside our restaurant, there are large lighted stars in an Eastern theme, which is dominated by a benevolent Buddha. With enough seating to accommodate 100 customers, we have four separate TVs to provide entertainment for children, sports fans, news buffs, and, of course, food lovers. There is also an outdoor patio for seating that is associated with the bar next door.

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Fusing Famous Flavors  

Our Asian steakhouse makes the most of a cultural collision by putting the best of different flavors on one plate. Using traditional ingredients from top-notch suppliers and blending the legacies of two great cultures, we create an experience that’s one part Asian, one part Canadian, and completely satisfying.

When you sit down for a meal with us, you get beloved flavors from opposite ends of the world that we combine to craft cohesive, unique dishes that are sure to please eaters of all backgrounds. It’s a good thing we’ve got a buffet option--with our food, you’ll want to use it.

Offering the Best Asian Dining for Any Occasion

We’re the right choice for your meal because we’ve got it all: a great menu, a full buffet, a bar, and available catering services. Whether you’re looking for the perfect night out with a partner or a company that can deliver exceptional flavor for an important event, you can always count on us to bring our very best.

Plus, everything we do comes with upscale flair that sets us apart without draining your wallet. We have a simple goal: to be the best at what we do, for as many customers as we can serve. When you want unmatched Asian fusion flavor, a refined dining experience, and accessible pricing, we are your destination for delicious meals.  

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We proudly serve Slave Lake, AB, and the surrounding areas.


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Hours of Operation
Monday - Friday, 11 a.m. - 10 p.m.
Saturday & Sunday, 11 a.m. - 11 p.m.
Statuary Holidays: 4 p.m. - 10 p.m.
Extended Hours During Special Events

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